Fresh seafood binge@Uokatsu, Plaza Damas 3

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We are back for more wholesome Jap foodie goodness, with a fraction of the price and comfort of slippers, shorts and pariah shirts!

Don’t worry, Uokatsu is still opened, just that the banner was removed from the front of Plaza Damas 3, so it is not visible for drivers on the main road (which broke my heart for a good 5 minutes thinking they had closed down permanently…but I persevered, and I walked up to the restaurant to confirm it…glad it was not!)

Hello again seared cured trout!


Hello again squidie! Hello again grilled mackerel! Ngarm ngarm ngarm ngarm ngarm!



We didn’t really know how to perform an operation on this good snow crab which was sacrificed to serve us. Lady owner then came over and demonstrated her skills with this special funky shaped scissors. I guess this may be one of the ways how some people develop the liking to be surgeons haha.


The snow crab’s meat was sweet and fresh. Thank you mr.crab!


Yellowtail with rice, hearty meal alright! Btw, the wasabis here are freshly home made and boy oh boy, they really do kick up a zing factor!

The salmon sashimis were really good too. One word: fresh! Even better than those high end Jap restaurants. The chef ensures every dish lifts up to his quality set benchmark.

Total damage per pax was RM40. Considering the amount and variety of fresh seafood we had, the price tag was really quite worthy.

Keep up the good work, Oukatsu team! You may want to check your airconditioning, and it was a little too warm unlike the time when I first came here.


Next stop: The Lord’s Covenant Church! To prepare for worship and AV for Vince & Sarah’s church wedding ceremony. May Father continue to watch over you both always as you embark on this new journey together as a family.

Father is our leader, guide, mighty saviour and only through Lord Jesus Christ, we can be receive the gift of eternal life in heaven.  May we be spiritually awakened by the Word of God to recognize Him today.

Uokatsu Japanese Restaurant,
B-0-7, Plaza Damas 3,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Kuala Lumpur.
(Opposite Hartamas Shopping Centre)
Tel: 03-6201-0339
FB Page:


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