Bachelorette outing round 2@Acme South, Bangsar Village

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After our first round at Majestic hotel, the bride wanted some happy high drinks. We took a short drive over to Bangsar Village and managed to get a table (the only one available too) at Acme South. They officially launched their 2nd outlet here the day before and we were in luck to even get a space at peak dinner hours.


Our TLCC sister raved so much about the grilled beef from Acme, and we finally got the chance! She was absolutely right! Charred bits on the outer layer, nicely smoked and the meat was sooooooo tender. Yums…. it came with 2 sides: coleslaw and corn salad. They tasted really nice, home made feel. The only thing I didn’t really enjoy was the vegetable muffin. Too strange a taste for my liking.


The batter fried shrimp sandwich, wasn’t too bad either. But i guess our weather ain’t suited for baguettes unles they are freshly baked and served. The baguettes were too hard, but the shrimps were great. Hence, we left the carbs aside and focused on the shrimpy goodness! Oh yeah…we did NOT leave the more sinful carbs aside though. The wedges were amazing! Nicely flavoured and fried. Each bite, you could hear the crisp crisp crunch sound!


The grilled chicken sandwich, was quite a let down though. B’Witched of Publika’s, did a much greater job pn its sandwiches for half the price of Acme’s.

I am very very very very certain I will be back soon for the grilled beef! Good job Acme! Please keep up the work in maintaining the quality of your food. 🙂

Acme South,
LG10, Bangsar Village,
Kuala Lumpur


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