The best thing to have in Taiping at 35degrees@Ansari Famous Cendol, Taiping image

I was in town running some errands at midday. The dry season was here to stay, not just in Klang Valley but also in the land with the highest rainfall in Malaysia! No doubt, when it is the raining season in Taiping, it pours and pours like Niagara falls, but when its hot…you could easily fry an egg in the open from the rays of sunshine.

Although my car air-conditioning was at its full blast, the heat was at its peak, and I was dehydrated. Somehow rather, my subconscience guided me here after a few turns…and huh??? I am at Ansari Famous Cendol!

Oh well, I found an empty space conveniently located just in front of the shop. It was meant to be-lah!


The entire place was packed with races of all kinds, busy chitterchattering away. After placing my order, I sat down with an old malay man and had a fun talk about how delicious the cendol was.


There you go. The perfect thing to have at 35 degrees. Even better if you are currently perspiring.


The awesome thing about this cendol is that I grew up with it. Coming back here each time to have a bowl, just brings along the whole nostalgic feel. I believe it is also the same expression to the rest of the Taiping-ites who come here for cendol.


Even my mom could not resist the temptation of Ansari’s cendol since the weather was hot and dry. One pack to go, A-neh!

Hold your horses…your jaw is gonna drop when I tell you the cost of each bowl.

RM 1.60….say wha—–t?

That is what I love about Taiping food. My birth place’s food. Taiping rawks!

Ansari Famous Cendol
92, Jalan Barrack,
34000 Taiping, Perak
Tel: 012 633 3641


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