Moroccon pampering@Hammam Spa, Publika

vardenafil online italia consegna 24 ore image My Food Scene Investigators: princess G and Neetsie. Their first assignment on the field! As I couldn’t make it for the Hammam Spa Tea Room launching event, I got two of my besties to go instead.

click image image The menu for the event, nicely done with a fresh feel to it and they were courteous enough to give lovely goodie bags as well! I was told that there was a RM150 voucher for each person. Wow, that is the way to treat and pamper all guests! image Dinner started with a buka puasa smoothie of avacado and dried dates and a medley of salad. image

levitra senza ricetta online in italia garanzia Moroccon tea to open up the tastebuds for delicious moroccon cuisine.

comprare levitra generico garanzia image

get link Mixed salad as appetizers.

buy clomid 50mg online FSI Neetsie: My personal favs were Pastila n the Tangia of Lamb .
Pastila : the plump little package of filo that held all the goodies in was just bursting of flavour. It was really like a little dance in mh mouth ! So delicious , i’d just have that alone any day !

The Tangia of lamb was so tender and succulent. Its got bold flavours , tangy and spicy . The flavours of the saffron and preserved lemon definitely came through .


Didn’t know moroccons love grilled chicken wings as well! All this while I thought that the dish is quite westernized.




Neetsie and Princess G FSI: This dessert was realllly good. It was a molten chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream with orange and cinnamon .
The cake was moist and decadent and the ice cream was such a wonderful surprise. The citrus notes were so refreshing and it was creamy and not too sweet . Perfect finish.
I also loved the passionfruit marshmallows.

Both of them loved the desserts most! Haha. We are such weaklings for desserts!



View of the calm, soothing, zen-like spa surroundings. Such romantically dimmed lights, I might just fall asleep being pampered on a tiring working day!


The host gave each guest a taste and feel of moroccon massage for a good 10 minutes and the ladies got a free henna art on their hands too. My FSIs expressed how much fun they had for the night!


Henna art on Princess G’s hands!


The host even brought in a sexy and agile Arabian dancer with some awesome belly dancing moves and the guests also joined in to shake some booty including my besties!

It was a night filled with both culinary and culture fun for everyone!

With one exception: The Creep. My besties didn’t know his name, and did not bother to either. But this middle aged man was causing chaos with his crude behaviour.

Princess G told me that when she walked in, he asked who she was and when she answered food blogger, he rudely replied her saying, “what you mean? Your website is foodblogger” and snickered away.

And he was shamelessly parading his custom made merman bracelet to everyone.

He even made fun of the moroccon dish that had 50 flavours in it, by saying it has more flavours than KFC then. It sounded as if he took this invite for granted eh.

My eyes widened when I heard all that, if I was there I might not have been able to hold back without telling him off if he crossed my line.

I hope I won’t need to meet such people at foodie invites in the future, otherwise that would totally ruin the whole dining experience.

All said and done, big kudos to the PR team for coming up with a fun filled event and making my besties really happy for the night ! (Minus the creep).

I’d look forward to try out their meals one day!

Hammam Publika.
Level 4G, 
Publika Shopping Gallery Mont Kiara,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +60362010881
FB Page:


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