Kepong makan makan escapades@Pak Thong and Wai Sek Kai, Kepong

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I’ve been joint foodieventuring lately, with the lovely couple Er and Anjoe after worship practice and our focus was the land of food haven, Kepong!

We went to Pak Thong again, since the couple had not been here before. The taikoh of the place, Kau Kia (literally translated as Nine Child) took our orders and he somehow knew which menu would suit us just by looking at us.

This Hokkien-themed restaurant is very famous, even the very, very, very rich and famous would come all the way to this wet market by day, restaurant by night place to have their meal.


Our first dish: braised pork! The super Hokkien must-haves! Yums yums! Especially those who love the occassional indulging of the fatty layers.


This vegetable dish is one we always order whenever we come here. Even though there was wok hei locked in, the vegs were not oily and greasy. It tasted light and fresh! A must-try if you are here!


This is also another trademark dish of Pak Thong. Garlic fried rice. Although I am no fan of rice, holy canoly, I wanted another spoonful more…and another…and another…and another…the rice used was slightly sticky glutinous and each pellet was well coated with sesame oil and eggs. Thinly sliced fried gingers were also added to add the full oomph factor to it.


The steamed fish head slices were a little let down. They were overcooked hence the meat became quite chewy and hard.


Nope. This was not just another pot of vegetable soup. Gems were hidden underneath! What gems?


Tadah! Stewed pork ribs. Tender and succulent. Meat just fall off from the bone. And home made noodles too! Super healthy. But who says healthy means you eat without enjoying? Yums factor off the roof!

Total damage per pax was only RM17. Darns..the kinda food we were getting ….was worth every penny!


Despite being super full from dinner, we continued foodie exploring the area nearby Pak Thong and we walked past the hawker stalls area and saw many more interesting foodies eg: long queue at the nasi lemak stall, 70 year old couples cooking wantanmee, etc..we got excited again! Foodieventure Kepong makan makan escapades round 2 next time!

We stopped by the original Wai Sek Kai to have a bowl of dessert before we go.


The red bean ginko dessert, RM 2.50, was very average. Not much red beans in it and it was a bit too sweet also. My mom’s rendition is way better than this one. There is no dessert better than mama’s!

Pak Thong,
Kepong Baru Market,
Jalan Ambong Kanan 1,
Off Jalan Ambong, Kepong Baru,
Tel: 016-296 8700 (Kau Kiah)
Opening hours: 11.30am till dinner, daily


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