Haik! Hakata Tsukemen!@Ippudo Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

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how to get levitra The traffic was slightly hair pulling, but all good, all good…5 minutes late from 7.30 pm. The restaurant was packed to the brim! Myself and the rest of the invited guests stayed at an area cordoned off for us.

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go here All of us were greeted with an animated menu, which I’d thought was a pretty neat marketing tactic. Brought up a real youthful, vibrant feel to the dining experience.

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prednisone 10mg physical description The last foodie tasting at the launch of Ippudo Gardens, we were served with champagne and Asahi, but this round..it was a fruity twist instead! Strawberry and kiwi puree mixed with soda.

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http://aeea4u.org/?search=propecia-online This is Sharyn, the marketing manager for Ippudo Malaysia, giving a brief introductory speech for this whole event. She was real nice to us, stopping by to talk to us off and on throughout our time here.

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http://thedragonslairnj.com/?search=cialis-generic Right after her speech, Mr Yosuke, the operations head for Ippudo Malaysia stepped in to do a live demonstration of the proper way of eating tsukumen. When he first appeared, I was reminded of seeing him breaking the giant barrel of sake and also hanging the jap curtains by the entrance of Ippudo Gardens last year.

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As the broths and noodles were cooked only upon ordering, we were served with some sushis as appetizers while waiting for the star dish for the night. I was told that this menu is only available here and the outlet in Gardens, as it is a seasonal menu and sushis are not regularly served in Ippudo.

RM 15.00/ 4pieces, pretty decent pricing I gotta say.


We were served with one of each type of sushi. From its looks, you could tell that they were prepared by chefs who ensured good quality food is served. My favourite among the three was the spicy tuna roll! Partly because I love spicy food in general, thus a slightly bigger likeness skewed towards the tuna.

I don’t know about the rest, but I surely finished my appetizers quick. Hungry + delicious = clean plate in a swoosh! The rest were still busy taking the best positioned foodie photos. Respecto to them!


The hot bowl of broth had finally arrived! Boy oh boy, the strong pungent porky aroma filled the air. Some freshly cooked stringy noodles waiting to jump in for a swim!


The bowl of ramen came immediately after, with slices of pork and eggs. The bowl was stone cold. Seems the local Japs love eating it tsukemen way during summers when the temperature is too hot for steaming hot soupy stuffs.


Teng teng teng teng! I am going to slurp these nicely coated pork broth coated noodles up like maggi mee TV adverts.


Okay, after one two slurps, tiny splatters of broth struck my shirt and face. Alright alright, I’d better use a spoon. No matter, the deliciousness was not affected! YUMS! the broth was amazing, not too salty unlike the one I had in Sydney.


I believe the process of cooking the broth must had been long and tedious to produce such dense, thickened, full of flavour porky broth. Obviously, with this style of eating, there would be leftover broths. Fear not! We were given a jar of hot water.

After the eating class, now we have the drinking class.

Water was added into the broth until it reached the right level of saltiness, acceptable to your palate.


After the whole makan experience, Sharyn and Yosuke came up with several questions pertaining to Ippudo and whoever answered the quickest with the correct answer would walk home with the displayed prizes.

I quickly grabbed the fact sheet given to us and scanned through with crazy eyes like Bradley Cooper in Limitless.

Where is the pill when I need one!?


*PULLS HAIR*. I couldn’t believe it. Somehow rather, I scored the FIRST prize! This has never happened in history, ever. I almost always never strike lotteries or lucky draws, and never come into the first three spots in exams.

Although, I had never drank Black Nikka special, it didn’t matter. FIRST PRIZE! Woo hoo!

I left the place feeling accomplished, and smiled ear to ear. Awesome foodie experience, won a prize and now, looking forward for a sake and whiskey drinking session with my Jap friend and another whiskey lover friend soon!

Thanks Sharyn and Yosuke for a fun filled experience. All the best, haik!

Pavilion Residences Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2110 6233
Website: http://www.ippudo.com.my
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/IppudoMalaysia


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