The ABC combo : Afternoon+Burger+Coffee@Buns burger bar & Olle Cafe, Desa Sri Hartamas

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comprare levitra senza ricetta Venezia It was a cloudy day. I felt like I needed an ABC combo: An Afternoon with Burger and Coffee! There’s this new burger joint that just sprouted up in the Desa Sri Hartamas neighbourhood. Buns Burger bar. They’ve done a good job in the decor of this bar. Rustic feel, brick walls, cool high and low metal chairs, artsy fartsy paintings and retro interior decor with books and bottles on the brick-themed wall.

follow site imageY I took this shot from where I was seated at. From this view, no one could tell that I was actually in Klang Valley, as it looked like I was having my meal in a cool cafe along the streets of St Kilda, or along Paris. It would be quite nice to just chill here after your meal with a book or catching up with work on weekends with your devices.

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see The menu reminded me so much of BEN’s menu. The brown paper, typewriter fonts and no frills design. I ordered the top two favourites of Buns: Beef burger and Champ burger. This afternoon would be a all-out indulgence one!

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The RM 20 Champ burger came with a turkey ham, sunny side, 100% freshly ground home made beef patties and fries as side line. I guess this tagline would be the same in all other burger joints. If your patties are not home made, your competitive edge against others would gravely drop. The seasoning of the burger patty was not bad, not too salty and they did a fairly good job with the grilling. It was quite juicy.


The sunny side egg did do its served purpose, the oozy woozy job but I think Red Bean Bag’s croque madame won the oozy challenge. Don’t you think so? You can see the link below:


This was the RM 16 beef burger. Slapped in with cheese and vegs, and fries as sidelines. The beef patty, although reddish looking (I requested medium rare) it was just a little dry, and slightly crumbly. The juicy effect just a few notches down. It was not bad in general, but the “oomph” factor was a little deviated. Nonetheless, I’d still rather pay for this than any burgers in Burger King, which may even cost more than RM 16. This burger comes in handy on one of those days where you crave for a juicy burger and don’t mind topping up a couple more dollars on top of the fast food burgers.


Now comes the two downsides I noted on my burger chomping moments here:
1) the brown oiled paper on the bottom of every served burger. They were not designed for durability… against sauces! I am a huge fan of mustard, hence you see a huge blop there in the photo. After a while, the paper started to soften and eventually tore through. I had to dig out the torn bits of paper off my sauce before putting them in my mouth. It may be even better off without the paper actually.

2) The metal plates. Nothing against metal plates of course. But they were just too smooth for the tables. I was having a spinning burger meal haha. Everytime my knife and fork dived in, the plate spinned and I had to stuff tissues beneath to stop the plate from moving, like how we stuff papers/tissues under the leg of a table while your are in the examination hall. Frankly, it was really quite hard to enjoy my burger with a spinning plate.

Other than that, pretty price worthy burgers and the ambience was lovely. I would come back for another burger trial. Hopefully, no more spinning burgers?

Buns Burger Bar
48, Jalan 27/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Tues-Sun, 12pm-11pm
FB Page:


Next stop : Coffee! Just a stroll down several shops and next to Spicy Corner, there lies an awesome coffee joint. OLLE Cafe. Take a look at this awesome, gigantic, chilli red coffee beans roasting machine. Seeing this, and all the packs of coffee beans surrounding the machine in front of the shop, you know that this place takes coffee seriously to a whole new level. The cafe is owned by a Korean, and a few of my close church friends who are coffee enthusiasts as well had become friends with him. After walking around Hapjeong, I can honestly believe that Koreans do love and appreciate GOOD COFFEE. You can see it from here:


This place serves me one of the best long blacks ever.. even better than Artisan’s in my personal opinion and tastebuds. After a greasy meal 30 minutes ago, it was just so nice to cleanse the palate with a cuppa. No frills of milk, no thrills of sugar. Just plain black. Sipping a good cuppa.. while people watching, listening to the background Korean music was sublime.

Coffee Olle
26, Jalan 24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 10.00 am-10.00 pm (except Mondays)
Tel no: 03-6206-3121
FB Page:

This was one good ABC Combo on a weekend!

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