One of the best cendols ever@Swee Kang Ice Kacang, Kuching


The day was exceptionally hot, clear skies, cloudless, bright sun. We did a lot of walking under this heat and I believe that I am few tones darker by the end of the day. We finished work at about 6 pm and my colleague brought me to this wonderful place!

As I walked in to Swee Kang, I observed locals of various races all having a good time with balls of sweetened ice. This should be the way we behave in Malaysia, all you corupt leaders who played the racial game.

Everyone was having fun, smiling and eating ice kacang and chendol without racial barriers.


Best part of all, the owners are Chinese. I really felt the strength of peace and unity a Malaysian. Not as a Chinese or immigrant or anything along the line of division as such.


The look of my ice kacang was different from the ones I had in the Peninsula. There were no ground nuts inside and best part of all…the ingredients looked delicious!


You can see that the cendol strips were fattened, plump and short. With a deep dark green colour Yummy! To add on, the cincaus were very thinly sliced as well, thus when you slurped in, they just swooshed right in your mouth!

Another interesting point to add was that the red beans were the small beans and the colour was offwhite-slight reddish. My colleague said that they looked like this because they were home made and boiled until softened nicely, unlike the bright red big ones you get in the Peninsula.

Of course the most important point, the ice! skillfully shaved with evened out icey bits ensuring all the santan, gula melaka and ingredients fused in together to form a iceylicous dessert!

A worthy try if you are visiting Kuching! One of the best cendols I had ever tasted! 🙂

Swee Kang Ice Kacang (corner lot),
Ground Floor, Lot 176,
Jln Hj Taha, 93400 Kuching.


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