Course meal contenders@KL Hilton vs Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

discount viagra Over the span of 2 weeks, I had the opportunity to dine course meals in two of the widely known and highly rated hotels in Klang Valley: the two next-door neighbours, Le Meridien and KL Hilton.

watch KL Hilton:

source link This was a dinner course meal had a few more additional dishes, as its cost was higher. The theme of the coue dinnerwas Chinese. image

buy cheap viagra Everyone at our table joked saying that the beautifully articulated words for each meal were required to justify the premium price tag for the food haha. image

ordering generic viagra online illegal drug We were greeted by prismatic colours on our appetizer dish. The smoked duck with popiah roll was the yummiest thing there. The jellyfish, irkly tasted meaty and a little hard to swallow after my first mouthful. The other items were pretty average.

33 drugs com viagra for women image Although it was added with abalone, this soup by far was the most bland among all the soups I had in all the various chinese dinners and weddings. Some of us at the table literally poured spoonfuls of soya sauce in even after the vinegar was added, just to improve the flavour. This one is suited for people who need a low sodium diet. image We were wondering whether was it ba chang season or not as the leaf resembled the smaller version of lotus leaves used to wrap the dumplings.
The teriyaki sauteed cod fish was a stellar. My only comment:awh man, why so small piece? I want more! Super smooth, smokey, yummy!
The prawn…was a little disappointing. Did not taste fresh and overly covered with the spicy mayo like sauce.


The fried rice….yums! Infused with wok hei and each rice pellet had a little bit of egg bits around. This chef mastered the of frying rice! (Reminded me of the stephen chow God of cookery movie, where the chef fried the golden egg coated rice haha)



Of all the dishes served that night, some good some not so..I almost ended the night having mixed feelings, but the dessert came in to save the day like Superman.

The pearl sagos, popped in your mouth like the sweet version of eating a salmon roe. Pop pop pop. Blended in with sweetened honey dew bits and vanilla ice cream.

I would have rather have several bowls of this on its own for dinner and minus off everything else served before this.

Now…moving on the the next door neighbour? Le Meridien!


These guys definitely love coffee and also cater to serious coffee drinkers who stay here. This coffee machine was displayed outside our meeting room and it was by far the most advanced one I’ve seen so far. They used Illy beans as well. And I was told also that each patron who stays here gets a free cuppa cappucino and espresso at their boutique cafe, Art Cacao. Wow!

Our course meal this time was western.


The appetizer smoked salmon was glorious. As there were only two slices…they went missing from my plate within minutes (and I was already trying my best to eat slower)


The main meal, roasted chicken breast with cream cheese and herbs, mashed potatoes with leek, sauteed asparagus was the bomb. Rich in flavour and each piece had a different taste and feel to it. What was lacking was a nice glass of red wine to go along with the food.


Maybe I am biased towards desserts whenever I claim they are better than the mains, since I have a huge weakness for them.

Although I was quite full already after the main, heavy and rich with cream cheese and potatoes,  I was still able to lick the plate clean.

Cheese cake, was light, smooth, and not sweet. Just nice. The sweetness was added on by the ice cream and raspberries sauce. It would be comparable to the desserts in Sage or Yeast.


We are usually served with a cuppa after desserts, and I used this ‘excuse’ to get a cuppa from Art Cacao. Thought to give their cuppaa a try and see how good they are.


My cappucino came in such an adorable cup! Live happ-ILLY. kaching! Alright. Hats down. This is one properly done cappucino. I could still taste the strong shot, and thankfully they did not overadd the milk…which most places nowadays make that grave mistake.

Sometimes, I prefer having my cuppa just as it is, no frills, no thrills, without fanciful stuffs eg foam art on my coffee, but the taste of the coffee sucked.

So….which course meal won my heart? Although it would not be truly fair to directly compare the two since they were different cuisines anyway, but taking from my own personal dining experience…I am more inclined towards Le Meridien.

Can’t wait for the a next head-to-head foodie trial! 🙂


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