Can’t get enough of ’em eggs@Whitehouse, Kota Bahru


Hurrah! We are back for more of those golden eggs! Thankfully it is opened today!


If I could express this image in a sketch or cartoon, it would have golden sparkly diamonds surrounding ’em eggs. Now this is the way….to serve half-boiled eggs.

Today’s service was a little under the weather. Our eggs took around 20 minutes to arrive. It was mental torture! Especially the fact we missed breakfast and we were up since 5.00 am.


Thankfully, the kopi came first. Hot and kau. Bittersweet. Old skool. I had to have 2 doses of this since I am not having my regular black today.

As those precious eggs were taking their own sweet time to be half-boiled, we ordered a pack of nasi dagang, which came with a yummylicious piece of rendang fish! Cleared off within minutes @_@.


After our eggs came, tummies were at least half satisfied now. Then, came the toast bread, which took another 20 minutes to arrive! We reminded the waitress several times but I guess demand was all-time high today.

Oh well…it was worth the wait! 🙂 I ain’t complaining because they were also being courteous.


You wouldn’t have guessed, a brightly painted red coloured old mercedes taxi came to pick us up and I was thinking to myself, that I was travelling in KB town in luxury and style….until I opened the door…and sat in to…this.


The cushions were gone. Mats were gone. Dirt and sand everywhere. Air conditioning was not functioning. In a land where the temperature was hitting near 40 degrees. Luxury and style alright! Maybe..just maybe..I would prefer a proton wira for now…

Kedai Kopi White House
Jalan Sultanah Zainab,
15050, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Tel: +60 9-748 4119


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