Walking into cake town@China House, Penang

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The good thing about travelling with friends who are foodieventurers: makan makan galore! Right after a crazy heavy hawker meal, we compartmentalized our tummies like how cows do, and found space for more… dessert time!

Although China House was near where we stayed, Royal Hotel, we had to Waze ourselves here. Frankly speaking, the surrounding areas were unseemly, dark, lonely, dodgy. I wouldn’t have guessed, here lies…a gem of a place.

I was struck by awe when I entered this place. Rustic old cozy feel, like boutique cafes in Gamla Stan. No wonder locals and out-of-towners love chilling out here. They also segmented seating areas based on different interests:Β  wine, whiskey, art.

As the building is part of an old establishment,Β  you can see the design of this cafe is of vertical wise, with narrow depth all the way in.


Tons of gorgeous looking cakes on display to say hello to you and tempt your eyes as you walked in.


Even more cakes to tempt you further if you successfully resisted the first temptation. I know I failed. Even at the first passage through itself. I stopped to “Wahhhhhhh…” like a jakun and deep down, I wanted to grab them all.

-confession of a cake-o-holic-


Thankfully, the patrons who reserved this table were only arriving about 1.5 hours later, as there were 8 of us, pretty large group.

They placed mahjong papers on tables and left cups of crayons for patrons to doodle around. This reminded me of my time in the cafe in Hanoi with the exact same concept also.

This doodling part was fun! Brought the kiddo out of everyone, especially me!


My iced coffee…was a disappointment. It was sour and I’ve recently learnt that sourness of coffee is related to the brewing process factors.


More doodles by Daniel. Complemented with a cuppa latte.


The trademark cake of China House: tiramisu. My overall rating : 7/10. Above average because of the pretty good cream layers. The sponge layers were abit too dry.


The almond cake was a big no no for me. From its outer looks, thumbs up for deliciousness. Tastewise was not to my liking. The heavy flavour of the almond powder was not suited to my tastebuds. 3/10 for me.


My job was just to sit at the table and eat whatever served to us. Not sure what this cake was when it came. But the texture and flavour was somewhat buttery. Fair resemblance to a butter cake but more shortcake like rather than moist cake. 5.5/10 for me.


The banana chocolate cake was the second best cake among all, after the tiramisu. The bananas tasted fresh and so did the cream layers. The chocolate sponge layers tasted quite rich as well, high probability that good quality baking chocolate was used. 7/10 for me.


Cake + coffee / hot chocolate + crayons + papers = feels like a kid being pampered all over again. The photo above showed how we are all kids at heart in our adult formed physical bodies.

Verdict: definitely a really great place to chill with friends. Or even book lovers! Shelves and shelves filled with books of all kinds and genres. Now, I can fully understand why many raved so much about this place. Coffee and cake wise, I think they are better places, but for the ambience they’ve created with whatever food and drinks they serve leveled them up.

Warning: a lot of mosquitoes πŸ™ as the place is quite dimly lited… my legs, became a foodie galore for them mosquis too πŸ™

Website: http://www.chinahouse.com.my
153, Lebuh Pantai,
10300 Georgetown, Penang
Tel: +604-2637299 (best call for reservations if you are coming in groups)


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