Tong sui marathon@Kimberley Street, Penang image

Tons and tons of tourists, out-of-towner foodieventurers and local Penang-ites occupying the streets. It felt like a food fest, and every growling tummy was out there to have an awesome time eating!

The night was hot and humid also, and I was perspiring like roast pig. A cold, sweet, icey dessert would be the best remedy now!


The leng chee kang was a life saver! Dried longans, ginkos, “atapchi”/nypa palm fruticans, strips of jellies in sweetened syrup cooled with ice cubes. Wasn’t the best I tasted but it would make do to cool off the humidity and heat!


I stayed away from this almond dessert as I am no fan of almond’s taste in powdered form but my gfs loved it.

If our dinner earlier was less heavy, we might be able to stomach in the duck noodles from the stall opposite of this place. There was a long queue at this stall and the herbal smell of the duck meat was amazing. Next trip I will come for this!


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