First Korean foodie outing@D’Cube Mall, Sindorim, Seoul

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After the bible study ended, we had a bit of free time and took the mrt from Oryu-Dong station to Sindorim, about 4 stops away and headed towards Exit 1 to D’Cube mall

From the mrt station exit, we entered the foodie area at basement 1 right away and I squealed with excitement seeing all the yummy foodies displayed!

There were so many people everywhere and every restaurant and we ended up eating at Korean Pub, located inside the Korean Food Street area.

It was kinda refreshing to dine at this low tables, sitting on rattan mats. A hint of being like a local!


The menu had english translation as well, I suspect there may be many expats or tourists who eat here too. :/


The side dishes…were, so-so. Nothing fascinating to shout about.


I ordered the bulgogi set. Darns. Ain’t cheap. A set cost me KRW 8000/ MYR 25-30. Weak MYR gives us Malaysians this shytty feeling everywhere we go, even within Malaysia.

The broth was quite flavourful and the beef slices were tender. Portion of beef was not big though. The sesame seeds did add a little different kick to the flavour in a positive way. Now comes to the downside, the broth wayyyyyyyy too oily. The super glistened look itself told the whole story.

Average quality for Korean standards. But we were famished with no food since 6 am. Hunger pang effects made us clear the food eitherway haha.


This spicy stewed sausage dish was highlighted as the most popular dish in the menu. Cost was KRW 8500/ MYR 30-35.

We were a little disappointed at the dish when it came. They added in a pack of instant noodles in the hot soup and you could find slices of sausages and luncheon meat. I didn’t know the locals love processed meat here too. We ain’t too fond of having a westernized Korean meal for the first Korean foodie meal for the trip.

The good side however, was that the broth was amazing. Spicy, savoury, thickened especially if you sipped them at the last half of the bowl. If sliced pork were added instead, this dish would be a bomb!


As we were heading back out, we passed by Artisee Bakery Cafe,  located just by D’Cube mall’s exit.

Bakeries are my weakness. If I see one, I just had to walk in, have a quick browse over what they have, take a few big sniffs of the aroma of the bakes and walk out.

And so I did, for Artisee as well. As I walked around the bakery, I came across…THIS. Chocolate powder coated croissants. I turned away from it. But it was as if my eyes appeared at the back of my head, staring back at those dark brown goodies. Crap. I have to try it!

It was a pain to my expenses, with one piece cost me KRW 3,300 / MYR 10-15. Time and time again, I feel upset earning MYR. Thanks Mr.N and Mrs R. “Thanks”.


It seems the theme of this patisserie was french style. I did come across other branches in different places on the foodieventura trips later on.

Some of the other breads and pastries looked quite tempting as well. But they ain’t cheap so I had to choose the one that caught my attention most. Chocolate croissant it is!


I loved it. Every bite was as if I was chewing off buttery chocolate, soft and flaky. The great thing about it was that the chocolate was bittersweet, I could tell they used good quality chocolate powder and it was evenly coated and there was no area on the croissant which had no chocolate coating. Except the inside of course.

Damn. I want a piece now!

However, if we specifically zoom in to the texture of the croissant itself, I feel Tiong Bahru’s version still wins over this brown fella.

The links below will provide information on Artisee Cafe in general.

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