Dim Sum shop by Michelin Star chef@Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

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follow A colleague of mine who visits HK twice year brought me to Sham Shui Po for dinner. He is an eletronics and gadgets fanatic (like all boys) and SSP is THE place to be. Tons and tons of handphone and ipad accesories, lightings, etc covered two major streets. What amazed me most are the workers from the lighting stalls.

viagra generico 50 mg prezzo piu basso a Milano All lights of all kinds were swtiched on and they were so bright and fluorescent and hot (literally) so much so thinking of the scene now brought me a headache.

vardenafil 20 mg prezzo The workers were shirtless as the heat from the bright light generated so much heat. I was left wondering how in the world could they withstand such conditions long hours each day? Full respect!!!

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http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=acquistare-levitra-Calabria The scene changed a couple of streets down from the “inspector gadget” section. Some stalls sold wholesaler clothes, slippers and bags etc and I was quite amused to see this view: clothes on the left, meat on the right. Yet perfect in harmony.

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cialis generico controindicazioni A view of an elderly man arranging his meats properly. I didn’t expect to see old skool stalls like this in this modern metropolitan city.

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source link The foodie reason behind coming to this area was this Dim Sum place, located just by left side of the “A2 exit” at Sham Shui Po MRT station. Pretty easy to get here. Follow A2 exit and the restaurant is on the left of the exit. There isn’t much reviews I can find on the internet regarding this place, maybe it is more known to locals.

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farmacia viagra generico 25 mg a Torino he shop’s exterior was not fanciful, perhaps easily missed too. Just a tiny shop with the steaming dim sum cart located outside. The inside section of the restaurant was also small. Enough to accomodate about 40 paxor so. Tons of awards and photos of celebs were hung on the walls. I was told that the chef who opened this shop was a michelin star chef. Many framed articles on write ups of the chef were hung on the left side of the walls. This was my first time ever trying out food in a michelin staf chef restaurant!

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enter As we were not really hungry, we ordered just a couple of dim sum dishes as snacks. Without a doubt, I must try to char siew paos! The ingredients inside were a little less heavy on the flavours, no strong sweetness, and had a more salty and savoury porky meatie taste. The skin were a little let down though, I was hopinh they’d be fluffy and soft as I expected more from a michelin star chef. Rating: 6/10


This grilled pork bun was supposedly one of the signatures of this shop. They were actually average as well. The bun was fluffy and soft, with the crunchy outer layer making it quite enjoyable to eat. But the minced pork meat inside was just so-so. I personally felt that the buns I ate at Imperial Pot, at Publika Dutamas won this 10 times over. Sadly, Imperial Pot had closed down. Truly unfortunate!

The fried foochuk with minced pork on the other hand was quite good. Very crunchy and very fine. The pork meat were thick and chunky yet nicely hidden inside. Yums!


Upclose shot of the grilled pao. What is your take on this?

My take home message: I’d expected MORE from a michelin star chef. Not of this level of quality. Then again, there are many michelin star chef restaurants all over Hong Kong. Could the title be obtained easily? Hmmmm…

Exit from Sham Shui Po MRT station exit A2, and the shop is on your left.



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