Chinese food Viet style@Lakeview Food Centre, Hanoi Hotel

quanto costa Viagra generico 100 mg online a Verona image After spending a week in Hanoi, craving for some good olde Malaysian makan makan just kept gushing through our minds. On our final night here, our event planner recommended this place which supposedly serves good chinese food, matchable to Malaysian standard.

source url Hearing that, we nodded with agreement without any hesitation, we called up the restaurant to make a reservation.

follow url This place is located in Hanoi Hotel itself, a rather dodgy looking 3 star hotel, and were greeted by the smell of tobacco smoke everywhere with strange looking men sitting on the couches in the lobby.

comprare vardenafil senza ricetta Piemonte The place was packed and the crowd was a little rowdy too. Everyone was smoking left right center. We even spotted some comfort women dining with some men there.

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enter While waiting for our food, we spotted this sign and I thought it was truly unique indeed that a turkey testicle is considered a delicacy here. I have heard of bull’s, chicken’s testicle for consumption, but turkey is a first for me. Of course…we did not order that! Haha.

acquistare viagra generico 200 mg consegna rapida a Bologna image This sweet and spicy sauce crab was terms of gravy. Maybe due to its spiciness, we were all happily eating the crabs. On the freshness of the crabs, there were not up to standard. In fact, the meat was fairly glued to the shells, a signal of a crab that is not fresh. image

click here The picture may make this dish look delicious, sadly it was the opposite. This was probably the roughest fish ball I had ever ate in my life, and even from the taste itself, I could tell they were not made using good fish meat. The soup was also too salty, MSG overloaded. image

This was another fish soup with tofu. The fishes was just too boney and strange looking to me to eat them. I had no idea what species they were as the menu was mainly in Vietnamese. I made a pass for it. Soup number 2: equally as much MSG was added. Maybe MSG is dirt cheap here.


This fried kueh teow with beef slices…honestly, was the best thing I had throughout my entire 8 days here besides the Pho I had on the first day in the Old Quarters. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that this was a fried dish, with dark soy sauce and its taste resembled food back home.


This was stewed pork inerts. A big no no for me as I do not take them. Even for my colleagues who love inerts, made a pass for this. The feedback was the awful smell of the porkiness and rawness of the dirt taste was just too pungent and overpowering to the palate to even swallow it down.


This was the fried tofu with coated salted egg yolk. They were SO salty. In fact, if you look closely, zooming in your vision, you can see huge chunks of salt bits on the tofus. Those who want to get their BP shooting up like a launched rocket, should have a mouthful of this.


When this dish arrived, I was not quite certain what it was exactly. The waiter then explained that the brocollis were covered with pumpkin paste and baked over. One word: awful. It was like a case of bad baby food.


I took a photo of the scene when we ended our dinner. I believe it summed up our overall comments on the food from this place. I would not recommend another Malaysian who is craving for Chinese food to dine here, thinking they may get something similar like the food back home…….unless they are only here for the fried kueh teow with beef slices.

After ending our meal, for us ladies, we also got eerie stares from strange men while waiting for a cab to take us back to Marriott. Another word of advice: only dine here if you ladies are with the company of some men. Otherwise, you may possibly encounter some uneasy circumstances…..


Although the meal was unsatisfactory, my stroll in the park just outside the hotel in the evening, and capturing this beautiful moment made my day. It is truly a gorgeous hotel!


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