Yearly CNY gathering dinner@South Sea Restaurant, Old Subang Airport Road


CNY is the time of the year that we gather together to gossip, chat, catch up, lousang over an overpriced dinner. We had kept this tradition in the past several years, and will continue on to do so!

For a change from the usual PJ venues, we decided to head to SouthSea in Old Subang Airport area instead which was a major mistake, especially on the 7th day of CNY. The entire Klang Valley was literally jammed even in the tiniest roads. Every single person was probably on the road heading for a special ‘everyone’s birthday’ 7th day dinner.

It took me a whopping 1 hour to get here from PJ and the restaurant was already packed.

We decided to take the 10 pax dinner package at RM899++, which might have been the best choice especially during this festive period.

Our first dish was so so. Nothing special. We did clear the food quite fast as we only started eating an hour later and I am guessing, everyone was famished.


The seafood soup was also rather ordinary. Nothing to shout about round 2.


The portion of the plate of fried butter prawns were quite generous, but awh damn…if only they were de-shelled! The sizes were not big and the prawns were not really fresh. Nothing to shout about round 3.


Our sweet and sour fish came and we were quite disappointed at its size. It was small and definitely not enough for 10 pax adults and a growing 2 year old girl. Tastewise…nothing to shout about round 4.


The vegs probably fared better than the first.4 dishes served. Althought a little too salty for my liking, thankfully the sliced green leaves bits were crunchy, indicating that they were nicely deep fried.


Coincidentally, I was sitting next to a hand model wannabe who occasionally flashed in his hand while I was taking photographs of the food.

Although the thumb was up, it was up before we tasted the fried rice. Tastewise was not bad, average liking and no wok hei too. The thumb definitely came up a little too fast.


The portion of the spicy buttery sauce crabs was also small for 10 pax. The sauce was also a bit too little, till we had to ration our sauce dipping to ensure that they were enough for all the mandaos served.


The mandaos were nicely fried, crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. It went rather well with the crab sauce, but I’d wish that they could have used fresh oil to fry them. You can tell from the colour that the oil used was old.


The worst of all the dishes served was the lou sang. The portion was small and the ingredients were so unfresh that it seemed as if the cook/chef who prepared this had no heart at all to make the patrons happy after eating them. Especially the salmon slices were not fresh to the extent, you could smell and taste the “sehng”. Total failure!

But we lou-ed either way and our motto for this year “to earn 4 million!” Haha.

My last visit to South Sea was last July and I had a fabulous gastronomic time here, especially the spicy sweet chilli crabs with mandaos. But this time around, the disappointment in terms of the quality of food was so big. I am not sure was it due to the reason that it was a peak season and we ordered the set dinner meals instead of ala carte, but that should not make us to expect poorer quality in our food.

After all, we paid a whopping RM110/pax each which was not cheap considering the amount of food and quality given.

I may give this place another last chance trial again at an off peak time, and hopefully the experience would not be as wat we had experienced tonight.


Through the years passed, although our lives may have changed, our looks may differ, we may not be colleagues anymore, we’d never lose the thought of keeping in touch. I guess some barriers between colleagues can be crossed to friends.

Looking forward for the next CNY gathering 2015!

South Sea Seafood Restaurant,
229 Jalan Dua, Subang Jaya
Tel no: 03-7846-5813/1401
Website :


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