An awesome cuppa long black@La Ristrettos Cafe, Novena Medical Centre image Coming to Novena Shopping Centre always brings back tons of heartfelt memories. From the days of weekend travels to Singapore, to my time period working here. As I was waiting to board the First Coach bus at 4.30pm, having an hour’s time to kill, I’d thought what could be better..than to grab a good cuppa coffee before I head home.

comprare viagra generico 100 mg a Firenze Taking the lift up to the 8th floor, brought back many memories of my time working in this area, visiting the cardiologists here. Who would have guessed that there would be an awesome cafe hidden up here! When I was working here, this open air green area, had nothing much and how much this area had morphed into a gorgeous resting place in the span of a few years.

viagra professional in uk This cafe looked rustic, cool, and chilled out…with decor heavily emphasized on wood and brown. I love it! What was even more awesome is that the brewing area was not behind the counter like many cafes, instead it is located where patrons sit. I thought that it was a pretty neat trick too, as patrons would get curious and the barista would have ample opportunities to strike up a coffee conversation easily.

comprare viagra generico I saw how passionate and focused he was as he prepared my long black, brought smiles to my face.

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get viagra fast The beans used were Cafe Agust beans and oh boy…it was divine. Seated on a high chair, accompanied by the rustic wooden bar table, looking out of the glass panel admiring the gorgeous view of greenery, when I had my first sip….all I could say was, “Ahhhh.” Perfect way to end a trip. SGD 3.50. Without conversion, it is IMPOSSIBLE to buy a cuppa long black for RM 3.50 back in Malaysia.

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Many come here for a good chat over coffee, some for the main meals which gained positive reviews from many blogs…for me, I could sit all day long by myself, with a book, eardrums locked with my favourite music and just unwind with an awesome cuppa long black.


If I were to make my journey here via First Coach in the future, I am definite I will allocate time to re-visit this place.

Just look at the view…I ain’t kidding. And who would have guessed that this is located in a medical centre! What a gem indeed. What a gem…

La Ristrettos Cafe,
10 Sinaran Drive, #08-37
Novena Medical Centre
Singapore 307506
Tel No : +656397 7165


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