Post-Abgujeong coffee and cake supper@Lewis Gene cafe, Solaris Mont Kiara

follow site image image To fulfill the need for missey HC, who somehow had a craving for coffee after a filling bbq meal at Abgujeong, not to mention inclusive of soju and beer…we decided to give in to her request and at the same time, cut the cake at LewisGene.

see I always noticed the signboard from my many visits to this area but was never motivated to make a trip there until HCT came along with her coffee idea. Honestly, I was surprised how cozy it was inside. Much like a boutique coffee place in Korea. The theme of this place gave somewhat a western feel, yet some Asian elements in it.

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HCT ordered the latte for herself, while I had a long black. I was a bit worried over the possibility of being a zombie later on but I was really too full for milk frothed coffee. Their coffees weren’t too bad. But price wise similar to Starbucks.

I would come back for the ambience, for a  chitter chatter with gfs than specifically for the coffee.


The ladies were so sweet to get me a red velvet cake from the nearby Little Collins bakery, apparently their most famous cake.


The cream cheese layers were quite dense, slightly salty. And the cake was not too dry either. I would say the combination was fairly good, but it ain’t of the better ones which I had tasted before.


We even had a few polariod shots…how cool missey T was to bring this along!


All of us also had a bonus gift from missey T from her recent holiday abroad. Self packed! Such a great touch of sincerity and love.

WHEE. An awesome end to the birthday month.

Thank you ladies!


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