Blessed Holy Communion fellowship lunch@The Lord’s Covenant Church, Phileo Damansara 1, PJ

informazioni levitra 20 mg We had a special service today, Holy Communion on top of the Lord’s Day service. Today’s message reminds us that we are blessed and chosen to build God’s spiritual and physical tabernacle. All He needs from us to believe in Him and be obedient…He will provided all that we need to fulfill His task and mission.

go to link Communion service also reminds us of His love and grace for saving us of our sins in order for us to receive eternal life. Amen.

After receiving spiritual food…time for physical food!!!


Homemade charsiew and siew yoke by our starchef Nancy…she is really an amazing and dedicated sister. She stayed up till 5 am to prepare this food for us.

You can really taste the home cook the meat was properly chosen and grilled with love and patience. All of us turned into hungry saints for pork haha…as the tupperwares storing both of these meat were immediately cleared empty!


She even made us a log cake! Nicely decorated with christmas characters! Chocolate cream covered sponge rolls and the kids loved it very much!

Can’t wait for the grand feast on Christmas day!


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