Blessed Christmas fellowship lunch@The Lord’s Covenant Church, Phileo Damansara

grant pharmacy online canada viagra Today indeed is a blessed day! The birth of Jesus Christ is the sole purpose of why we are commemorating this day.

viagra order Today we are reminded that Christ-mas’s literal meaning is ‘worship Christ’. And the message we received from God today is to act upon our faith and belief in Jesus Christ…to open our hearts and accept Him so we can spiritually live in AD.

100mg generic viagra Believe Him as He is, and know Him through The Word who became flesh, The Word was with God and The Word was God.

find discount viagra online Although He came 2000 years ago, we can still see Him today through The Word, which is the bible.

watch What an amazing blessing of receiving this spiritual food!

enter image And now..time for physical food! Yummylicious roast pork from The Meat Experts, Hartamas Shopping Centre. The slices were chunky, tender, juicy, savoury. AWH WHEE yums! Bought by Eldress Madeleine and family. We had a fair yummy share of roast duck bought from Grace and family too! Equally yummy!

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vardenafil originale 20 mg effetto 36 ore This was also my first time eating a northern indian curry puff and boy oh boy…yums too! The dough layer was thin but inside it contained all the deliciousness: mashed potato, eggs etc. The thin layer of the puff would prevent any “jelak-ness” from eating it. In fact, it was not oily too…one of the healthier curry puffs I had ever eaten. Bought by Kelvin! image

Home made sandwiches from our starchef Nancy! A healthier option to wash down all the guilt from the pork and duck!


Lily and family brought the fruit tart cake, which resembled the turkish delights! This year proved to be a double portion blessing to her as she was able to attend the service with her entire family and her children performed for the first time at church!


Yours truly..myself brought Krispy Kreme’s donuts for the kids. Although they were massacred into pieces…what would this day be without sickly sweet pastries? Haha.


We had a basketful of Christmas cookie and candy goodies too…especially those mint candlesticks really lifted up the happy spirits of the kids! A rewarding treat for them after their performance.


Sarah’s mom cooked Mee Sua for the church ala Klangite style. I definitely felt her mom’s love in the dish. The soup was sweet, nutritious and it was boiled with tender chicken chunks and clams.


TLCC kids having a good time bonding together. I believe Father is pleased to see His spiritual children bonding hand in hand in remembrance of the day our Saviour is born!


-The Lord’s Covenant Church is the branch church of 평 강 제 일 교 회 Pyung Kang Cheil Church, in Oryu-Dong, Seoul.

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