Fried pork jappie style@Tonkatsu by Ma Maison, 1 Utama buy mildronate online USA image

levitra generico in farmacia senza ricetta From my previous disappointing experience at the tonkatsu restaurant in Pavillion, and having previously exposed to the top tonkatsu place in Kyoto, I must admit that I was skeptical over the quality of the tonkatsu served here. And I really dislike paying a bomb for overrated food. Passing by the restaurant, I saw several Japs and Koreans eating, and the place was full. My Jap friend also gave positive ratings on the tonkatsu. I decided to deep dive and give it a try.

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source site The prawn hire set (RM35.90) comes with 2 prawns and several slices of pork fillet. You can either opt for plain or multigrain rice. The sliced cabbages, rice and soup is refillable. Woohoo! The pork was tender and quite juicy. The prawns however were a little small, mainly coated with batter. The style of serving is different here. In Kyoto, we were given a wooden mortar to grind the sesame seeds ourselves and then scooping out their sauces from wooden buckets.

see Over here, all the items are prepared and served in plastic bottles.

here image

Jumbo rosu set (rm30.90) set comes with slices of pork loin. Artery clogging! I still prefer the pork fillets since I am not a fan of the fatty portions. Nonetheless, the meat was honestly quite good. Of course, this could not beat the one in Kyoto…but oh well, this will do.


I ain’t joking about the fattyness of the pork slices haha. Perfectly defined In this picture.

And oh yeah ! They don’t charge the patrons when they order tea. Awesome!

Would I come back again? (Adjusting my trousers and zipper) hmmmm..I likely would. I had a really satisfying meal here. Yummfying! So glad I was not disappointed.

Thumbs up!


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