Awesome korea food@Hyang To Gol Korean restaurant, Amara Hotel Singapore

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After several disappointing korean meals in Singapore and having exposed to some really good ones at Klang Valley, I was a little worried over getting disappointed again but my friend assures me and says that there are many who rave about how good the korean food is at HTG.


The price ain’t cheap, almost similar to Malaysia without conversion.  This means that I had to pay nearly 3 times as much! Sigh. The weak MYR currency makes you feel like a pauper everywhere.

This grilled saba, was one of the best I had ever eaten. So fresh, and not overly grilled or drenched with the sauce to kill the texture and taste of the fish. And it was really quite a big piece too! Enough to share for 3 pax. SGD 25+.


The bibimbap, althought beautifully presented..the taste lacked character. In fact the rice was too dry. Nothing worthy to write on or waste calories on.


The korean style fried glass noodles was yummy! Not overly cooked till the noodles glued together…each strand was on its own. I was rather surprised that the noodles were still hot when served to us. As if it was freshly prepared. I had this in many other places but they were always cold since they were prepared beforehand.


The grilled pork did proper justice to us too! Nicely marinated and tenderized, and thinly sliced so it became paperlike when grilled over the heated charcoal grill.

Total spending per pax was SGD 35+. It was @one of the better korean meals I’ve had, faring almost close to my few favourite korean restaurants in the Klang Valley. Worth going people!


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