Meals that come in boxes@MH, Korean Air, Songdo Conference Incheon, Korea

miglior sito per acquistare Viagra generico 100 mg image The thing about not long and yet not short haul flights, light sleepers like will be sleep deprived, cranky, tired, teabagged eyes upon arrival. Although it was a midnight flight to Incheon, the flight attendants and pilots made announcements in 3 languages throughout the entire journey. Phew.

follow link And after finally falling asleep past 2 am, they woke me up to have breakfast at 3 ish am. Groans.

follow Omelette tasted like rubber. Texture wise was like rubber too. Bread was hard and cold. An unappetizing breakfast sad to say.

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cialis generico ci vuole la ricetta Needless to say, I was struggling to stay awake the entire full day meeting upon arrival at Incheon at 7 am. Cups and cups of lousy conference black coffee did not help either.

viagra generico 50 mg miglior prezzo pagamento online a Parma Although my bento lunch did look appetizing from its first glance, and some ingredients were of the premium ones eg: smoked salmon, scallops, abalone etc sadly the dishes were cold and hard, and I was only eating to give some sugars to the body, hopefully to keep awake.

go here We were located at Songdo Conference,  Incheon. The air was fresh and cool and population was much less than the dense packed Seoul city. But other than that, there was practically nothing you can do here for leisure after work.


I took Korean air back home, a day flight and since was an afternoon flight, as expected, I had little sleep. But the journey was quite turbulent this time. Almost half the journey, the plane was a roller coaster. I had to pray several times for the safety of the entire journey.

Hence, much of my appetite was gone although the food served by the koreans were 10 times better than the ones I had in MH. At least the food served was really hot. Even the buns…which made it nice to eat when coated with butter.


They even gave free ice cream! How good is that to calm the anxious passengers down from the turbulent flight.

Way to go Korean Air!


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