Great Fellowship blessings@The Lord’s Covenant Church, Phileo Damansara

A river is an important entity towards civilization but most importantly it is a symbol of faith and obedience towards the Word of God that will lead us towards eternal life.

The message for this Lord’s Day service. What a blessing!

More blessings came after the service ended.


Gem star chef Nancy cooked chicken rice for us today and every single item is home cooked: from the chicken, to the dipping sauces, to the ginger chilli sauce, to the ginger buttered rice, to the steamed and fried chicken. Her restaurant will be a big hit if she ever opens one!


I don’t usually eat rice..but I can’t help myself but had 2 servings because the chicken meat were so tender, especially the steamed chicken and the chilli sauce was fiery!


Jenny who just got back from a long holiday in Europe gave TLCC members a little taste of Turkey..all original. While some bits were acquired taste, the best for me were the pistachio nuts coated ones. The sugars were not processed but from all natural sources eg: honey and dried fruits. Another great blessing!

All blessings from His grace!


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