1 night in MyeongDong@Jung Sung Bon Shabu Suki

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I never knew how far Incheon was from Seoul city until we took a taxi ride at 6 pm from Incheon and bumper to bumper throughout the entire 50 km journey to MyeongDong. And I thought KL traffic was bad. The traffic here was worse. By the time we arrived in MyeongDong, it was already past 8 am and…hunger pangs.

All we had in mind was…the first shop that served BBQ, we would just walk in. And the first place we came across was Jung Sung Bon Shabu Suki, located on the 1st floor.


Hunger drove my mind crazy and drove my eyes blurry. Our mission was BBQ beef and I accidentally ordered the bulgogi..not reading between the fine lines and just pointed onto the raw sliced beef image on the menu.


They did look delicious while cooking on the hot pot, but taste was otherwise. The marination was not good enough, the meat ended up being quite tasteless when they were cooked. Disappointing!

Minimum order must be for 2 pax. Each pax cost 11,000won. Pricey!


The seafood pajeon was also as disappointing as its looks. It seemed like the chef was just not in the mood to please his customers. Utter failure pajeon. The dough was not even fluffy and they skimmed on the ingredients.

I can’t recall the exact cost but it was between the 10,000 – 20,000 won range. Expensive!


The only worthy item served was the bibimbap. It was not the best bibimbap ever, slightly above average. A healthy combination but overall, the dinner meal was unsatisfactory. I felt ashamed to overclaim to them that almost everything I had tasted before in my few trips to Korea had all been a culinary boom. After having this meal, I’m afraid they will take my foodie recommendation with a pinch of salt.

I would suggest avoiding this place if you are ever here for a meal after a long day shopping in MyeongDong.



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