Good Vibes Fest’s grab-a-bite@Sepang circuit Sunnies, check.

viagra generico 200 mg prezzo a Venezia Comfy clothes, check. The day had finally come. Smashing pumpkins! PULLS HAIR. SCREAMS OBSESSIVELY.

viagra generico 100 mg italia pagamento online a Milano After coming to a near 20 year wait, SP finally made its way to Malaysia. Although James Iha, Darcy, Jimmy were no longer present, having Billy at frontline jammin’ to all the songs which inspired me to pick up playing guitar just seemed unbelievable.

click Until today I remember ,”1979″. First song I learned from the 6 string acoustic. The weather was also great that day, sunny yet windy and good to know the crowd as not too big till you feel suffocated. Whee! Having them to end the fest with a non-stop 1.5 hours of wicked electronica music, billy’s bad ass performance on stage, and the drummer’s adrenaline rush hits on the drum set made every penny paid for worth my while. The event was rather well organized, I was expecting more mess actually. The temporary toilets were aplenty and clean and ample food for sale.

follow site I bought the sandwich for RM 15 from Yay, Sammich!. Being a spicy lover, I thought my sandwich was spicy sauce chicken sandwich which turned out to be kimchi chicken instead. Bread was too hard to chew and fillings were much less than how it looked outwardly. Oh well… my expectations were not high to begin with when it comes to food served at a music fest. P/S: an uninformed shot of my friend, Joe, my rock buddy, who was stressing out while eating his free Artisan popsicle, when two sexy chics came over to sell him ciggies. DARN FUNNY sight! Relax… bro relaxx….lol

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