Fried chicken the Yogya way@Ayam Goreng Suharti, Yogyakarta

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The recent meeting in Yogyakarta proves to be fruitful in terms of learning and also interesting culinary wise. On our final day of the meeting, we had several hours to kill before catching our flight.

Our local colleagues recommended us to try Yogya’s famous fried chicken by Suharti, popular amongst locals and tourists and the best part of all was that the restaurant was located nearby our hotel, Sheraton Mustika.


We ordered half a chicken and half a duck, for 4 pax sharing.

The local chicken served in Yogya is the ‘kampung’ chicken (bred without closed captivity, where it is allowed to roam freely hence more lean). Although it was half a chicken, the portion was just nice for us to have an enjoyable munch and nibble.

The outer batter was crunchy, yet when in the mouth, the crunchy bits would melt in your mouth. The meat was also tender, as if the chicken was cooked in a pressure cooker before being deep fried.

It was a little salty, but once added with the sambal….boy, kaboom sizzles!



The half duck portion looked even smaller than the chicken’s. Not sure if the duck was ‘kampung-ed’ bred or not but this duck..phew, the meat was so tender it just crumbled down once we used the spoon to take some portion out.

The picture explained it all. The duck is the winner to me although Suharti is famous for its fried chicken.


This little bugger…is the source of all the adrenaline rush in our meals for the 4 days here…and also the source of a good bowel movement. (A bit too good on some mornings!) The local indon sambal terasi is just spectacular. And all sambals are freshly home made in most restaurants.

Total damage for 2 half chicken+duck: about RM 24. Pretty worthy try without burning a hole in the pocket. Suharti also specializes in packing for takeaways but I reckoned if I buy home, it might not be as crunchy as how we had it at lunch.

Location: Jalan Adisucipto 208. Near the Carrefour Express.

P/S: just by the entrance of the restaurant, there was a band playing live jazz music, folk and local indon pop songs, and they were good! Good meal with good music. A great ending to a fruitful trip!


Nearby, we saw a giant caged area filled with deers and dry parsed land. The deers looked extremely malnourished and in constant hunger. We bought some vegetables from a guy in a scooter conveniently parked just by the road and fed them. Sadly, the mighty alpha males were the ones that get most of the food. They even chased away some of the younger female deers by bulldozing through using their big sharp antlers…poor deers… animal injustice!


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