Beef noodles@Yang Kee Restaurant, Sea Park PJ (opposite Shell station) image

comprare cialis generico sicuro This stall has been reviewed by several prominent foodie bloggers already and since we were nearby this area, we’d gave it a try. It is quite conveniently located. Corner chinese coffee shop. Visible from the main traffic light in Sea Park. There is a Shell petrol station right in front of it. image The noodles were topped with sticky minced beef. The minced meat were finely chopped until it almost resembled a paste. The beefy taste was quite strong even after the noodles were stirred evenly to coat them with the minced meat. The portion was quite small. Not enough for 1 hungry adult. image

go image The noodles were accompanied by these 2 side dishes. The blue bowl consisted of the beef balls and some sliced beef. The portion was also small. There wasn’t anything in this dish that made it stood out from the rest of the beef noodle stalls out there.

go to link The stewed beef however was quite good. Sligh hint of spiciness, thickened gravy, very tender beef chunks (an indication that the meat was cooked and placed in the pot over a long period of time). The portion too was small.

get link Total damage: RM 13.20. As all the portions were small and for kopitiam by the road side, I found it rather pricey. It may be a long while again before I revisit this place.


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