Seafood craving@Sweet Inn Restaurant, Damansara Kim

 The one common thing Malaysians have is the passion and love for food. Just a simple opening line of “Where is good for crabs?” can get strangers talking like old friends.

After a sweaty session of tennis, we usually cool down at the swimming pool and dip ourselves in the jacuzzi and rest our adrenaline-rushed bodies.

Here, we met an elderly man who apparently swims 5 km each day. Hence, a rather tanned and toned body, not common for a man his age. He overheard our foodieventure conversation on searching for a nice restaurant for crabs and started sharing his foodieventures.

He introduced to us Sweet Inn, in Damansara Kim, and said that we will not regret dining here. We believed his conviction and decided to listen to this wise elderly man.

When we arrived, believe it or not, we had no place to sit, and the restaurant was packed with patrons, and empty tables available were under reservation. The lady owner was gracious enough to remove one reserved table for us since we there were only 3 of us. She probably guessed we would eat and leave quickly based on our hungry faces.

We ordered a bowl of fish maw soup to share. Thankfully, we decided to share and not order a portion for 3, else we would have left the restaurant with our fly unzipped. It may not seem impressive from the picture, but the soup was really good. The maw was fresh too. In general, I am not a fan of this dish, but this deserves a thumbs up. In fact, the soup was very thick and viscous, I wouldn’t really consider it as a soup. RM 20+/bowl if I recalled correctly.

We wanted to have an appetizer, while waiting for our seafood dishes, and the restaurant serves 3 or 6 dish appetizer. We opted for the 3 dish appetizer, but surprised to know that this one plate was for 1 pax. The waitress brought 3 plates, but my eye caught a creepy crawly insect on the 3rd plate and shrieked, thinking it was a cockroach. The waitress did a super kungfu stunt, by quickly swooshing the plate away from sight and walked away from our table. The other two did not see anything but worried for a while before eating the food from ones placed on our table.

We cancelled the 3rd plate, as it was just too much food. I guess the creepy crawly insect earned us a free cancellation.

RM 18/plate. Rather pricey :/

Since J has an immense craving for crab, we ordered 1 crab to share. Well, we were surprised that the crab was rather big when served to us. The crab dish was actually, just average. Covered by the sweet, sour, spicy sauce. We all agreed we’ve ate better crab dishes else where. The plus point was the unique looking mantao, which looked like a baguette when served to us but inside the bread, had rolled stick-like layers, soft and fluffy. Yummy when soaked with the crab sauce. 
The crab was RM 80. Our eyes popped when the bill came.
Finally, the long awaited trademark dish of Sweet Inn came. The sang har mee, for 2 pax portion (3 to share). This was really, really good. The noodles were freshly fried, and able to maintain the crunchiness for a long while. Though the sang hars were not the biggest I’ve seen served on this dish, but the freshness of the prawns made up for the size. 
Our eyes popped, our jaws dropped too when the price for this sang har mee dish for 2 portion was RM 120. @_@. 
The total bill came up to over RM 300.
After the munching, chomping, slurping, chewing session had passed, when our senses kicked in, the image of the elderly man came into our minds. The word of caution that he gave to us before we left the pool which we conveniently forgot when we were excitedly ordering our dishes…..”It may be a pinch to your pockets”.
The sayings of a old and wise man.  

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