An early morning breakfast@Restoran Kita, Kota Bahru

Restoran kita is one of the most popular breakfast spots for locals and out-of-towners. It is packed to the brim with all walks of races. Chinese, malays, indians all happily enjoying their morning meal together. This is the should-be Malaysia aspires to be.
One thing great about the eggs and poultry in this side of town is that their chickens are all ‘kampung kai’, meaning not in-breeding farmed methods but chickens roam free. Hence the meat is leaner and somehow the eggs are strangely larger.
That aspect makes eating these half-boiled eggs so awesome. The yolks are golden, glistening and large. The egg whites are also firmer, viscous. A dash of pepper, a dash of soy sauce. Whoah-lah, happy moments!.
The toast bread was only so-so, a bit too hard for me. But I could see most are having nasi lemak, am guessing this is their specialty. Next round!

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