Chocolate madness@Max Brenner, Sydney

Max Brenner: a famous local joint for Sydney-ians, especially students, to gather, catch up, “Lim teh” (as what Malaysians love to do during in the evenings) over gooey delicious chocolates : drinks, waffles, cakes, pastries, etc. We came here, about an hour after the crazy sashimi loaded lunch. In normal eating circumstances, the sashimi meal itself was already too filling. In holiday circumstances, there’s always room for more interesting food! *burps* My eyes widened with excitement when I saw the display of chocolate pastries. Could almost hear them calling out to me ,”pick me! pick me!”

The chocolate sauces were melted in a big pot, hidden somewhere. There were pipe linings above us, apparently funneling all the melted chocolate to the tip of the nozzle, located next to the cashier machine at the counter. The waiters will turn on the nozzle to drizzle the hot chocolate sauce all over our food. Much like a bartender pouring a mug of draft beer. We had a mixture of chopped fruits, banana cakes and marshmallows to dip into melted dark chocolate and milk chocolate. IT WAS AMAZING! Chocolate dipped banana cake chunks were like the most sinful yet most tasty one. Brrrrrr. Shivers of sin! Need I say more. The picture itself tells the whole story in one glance. The waffles were so buttery, fluffy and warm, absorbing in all the melted milk chocolate drizzles. On top of that, creamy vanilla ice cream to complement the chocolate and for ‘slightly’ healthier people, fruits as an option to complement the waffles.
The best waffle I’ve ever had. Much thanks to the chocolate.

The face of guilt. Mr Travis’s sugar high face. Miss Joy, shaking her head, while looking through our pictures from Day 1, to Day 4-after-Max-Brenner-face. 4 days and we all turned CHUBBY!
As our trip is coming to an end, we talked about life, relationships, future travel plans.. and our next group holiday aim : flights to Goa, India. Or flights to Japan. Or flights to South Africa. Or re-visit flights to this gorgeous romantic city, Sdyney.
Till next year, Joy, Travis, Neets!