Serene lunch@The Haven, Jalan Ampang Hilir I am glad to have discovered this interesting dining place, quietly hidden in the midst of the hustle and bustle of KL city. Haven is a white coloured bunglo converted restaurant, with a wide open space of greeneries surrounding the house. The trademark signature of Haven, is its organic food servings, both dine and purchase. Above is a picture of the organic coffee station, each cup freshly brewed.

acquistare vardenafil contrassegno senza ricetta The mini grocery store selling organic products. Surprisingly, there were quite a number of people buying these items when I was there. It seems locals/expacts who are living nearby frequently come over to buy the organic meats and vegs. Wow.

cialis generico bonifico bancario A calming view of the compound to ease the tension off, before your meal. I was just imagining how great it would be if my dogs could run and roam around while I chill out by the porch. Haven’s credo for their food servings!

will viagra show up on urine drug test The big breakfast set, RM 19. Bread slice, with 2 choice of breakfast servings. The list contains the usual stuffs served at breakfast meals: eggs (cooked in the style you like), mushrooms, tomatoes, ham, bacon, pancakes, fruits etc. The selection of only 2 types, reminded me of an episode from “River Cottage” of AFC, whereby the chef says sometimes piling all sorts of fried food of every kind in one plate on one serving may dilute the whole feeling of a great breakfast meal and narrowed down to only 2 choices. This rendition, was not bad. Quite good I must say, the eggs were too creamy for my liking though.

mephedrone drug ingredients viagra The chicken pie was surprisingly delicious! It seemed normal looking when it arrived, but hidden underneath the pastry sheets, were steam hot creamy, tender juicy chicken chunks, with chopped mushrooms. Yums! I think it cost about RM 18 -23. Can’t remember the exact price. Fried fish fingers dish. This dish was average, however marination was not bad. Just nicely salted, coated with herbs and spices. The good thing is that, at least the fish fingers were coated with batter, like many places where you end up digging em’ batters out exposing superbly thin slices of dory fish fillets. What you see in the picture, is what you get of the fish fillets.

vardenafil originale Campania Lamb ribs, Yums! Is it the organic lamb? Or is it the nicely grilled skills? I don’t know. What I do know is that the lamb was tender and juicy. Worthy try! I think this was RM 35-40.

guaranteed cheapest viagra Molten chocolate cake, nicely baked. Not too sweet, and the molten lava chocolate goodie inside was really… finger licking good! I was actually more impressed by the presentation skills of the chef. The chef’s sincerity in decorating a beautiful dessert dish can be seen from the well sliced fruits. RM 10.

source The cheesecake, was also quite good too. It was not sickly cheezy creamy, just nice, and not sweet too. What made a big different was the drizzled over sour strawberry sauce that blended well with the creamy cheese cake. RM 10. Haven definitely has caught my foodie attention based on this first good impression I had. I sometimes feel that the overpriced organic food concept is a real rip off, because many a times they do not taste good, but this restaurant priced its food items similar to normal restaurants and they actually taste good! A great place for a long Saturday brunch over a cuppa coffee, newspaper and IPAD!


  1. Hi DY! Ni hao ma!Depends on what your event is aimed to do. If it is a day event involving some outdoor activities, it would be a nice place. A lot of natural light in the house/restaurant.I've only eaten there once, and food was quite delicious. Is it going to be a SOPHIE event ???? 🙂

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