A kind hearted soul saves a dog’s life

Referring to the previous post on LaoHeong, where by my friend tapao-ed the bone of the pork knuckle to feed the stray dog which lives in his neighbourhood. Here are the picts….
When my friend found it, its neck was bruised, bleeding and unimaginably thin. Some stupid owner must have tortured it and chained it to die. Grrr! 
By the look of the dog, no one would tink that it could survive. Thankfully, it met my friend who has an extremely kind heart to constantly pack food for the dog.

get link  Even after months eating, the dog still looked extremely thin. According to my friend, it recognizes his car and would come nearby his home around 5-7 pm. If my friend does not show up within that time period, it would move on and search for food to survive elsewhere. Sometimes my friend gives it dog food (some from his Retriever’s stocks) but being a dog living to survive each day, its stomach could not digest just dog food but require leftovers like bones and rice.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=acquistare-viagra-generico-consegna-rapida-a-Firenze Thanks to my friend, the stray dog now looks a lot healthier! This dog’s life has changed thanks to one kind soul.

see url I’m sure this doggie enjoyed the gigantic pork knuckle bone very much! 🙂 As much as we enjoyed the meat at Lao Heong.

follow url Dog owners out there, if you do not have the heart to take care of a pet, regardless what animal it may be, please do not even bother buying or adopting one. It sickens me to hear stories of owners discarding their pets halfway through or owners throwing newborn pups by the roadside when their own dogs get pregnant. These animals have a beating heart, and have emotions too.