DIY meh-hi-co meal@Home

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Tadah! Hungry scavenging eyes proved themselves useful this time around. With palates fit for kings and queens.. but with pockets fit for paupers, the “Reduce to clear” corner sometimes bring tiny blissful joy 🙂 And today is one of those tiny blissful joy days! Quesadillas from RM 24.99 to ….RM 0.99! 3 days to expiry. No ploh-blemmmm, they can be finished in 1 – 2 days. In the sack it goes.

go site Some kiasu indian apek saw and kiasu-ly wiped out the last 2 boxes. Grr…

miglior sito per acquistare viagra The quesadillas also came along with salsa seasoning, perfect to enhance the minced pork purchased from the grocery store. With a little help from grated aged cheddar.. SALUTE! to a great effort of a DIY meh-hi-co meal!
Saucy spicy salsa pork stuffed quesadillas won’t be perfect without an icey cold beer with a chilled mug. A perfect pint, ala Franck Evers?