Super duper late lunch@Kuala Terrenganu town

on route back to KL from Pulau Perhentian, we stopped by Kuala Terengganu for a quickie lunch. I have to say, the food was quite a let down…
The above claypot mice noodle (loh shhh fun) was bland, saucy and nothing much to shout about..

The mice noodle was fat, but just taste of soy sauce.. SKIP!

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Sensing our frustration in the food, Viv went and bought some minute pen*s like fish cake for us..the fish cake was pretty fresh and you could taste the minced fish meat in there. It wasn’t full with gelattin/rubbery stuff like most KL/Singapore hawkers stalls do. However, the best part of fish cake was………………….

The SMELLY ASS Chilly…I kid you not, taking a bite of the fish cake with the chilli, really “marinates” your mouth and breath well.. It was super stinko but yet alluring at the same time…..The remaining of the 4 hours trip was pretty mind refreshing, with all of us wide awake from the garlicky, fermented chilli smell…


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