Impromptu fully wully dinner@Chef Low Restaurant, Bangsar

after our usual rejuvenating swims at Tivoli Villa, we took a slow ride around bangsar hunting for food that would replenish our worn our muscles ( woot woot). Demona brought us to this little restaurant hide behind TMC Grocery at bangsar. The fried singapore beehoon picture above come in large portion, and filled with heavenly wokhei. The abundance of fillings in the fried beehoon was a sheer pleasure to eat with….

Fried Squid in Salted egg yolk: Yes… these are huge squid tentacles fried in salted egg yolk and curry leaves. However, it was quite a let down for this dish. The tentacles are huge, yes, but the texture was a tad too hard… Signs of frozen dead squid i guess. The taste of salted egg yolk was overpowering and too oily for our liking…… We quit at the 8th tentacles…

Hairy Pig Throters: I bet this is not from Chef Low but rather a restaurant at SS15…but i guess demona post this up bid farewell for this hairy piggy year… As you could see, the little hair/fur poking out from the skin was not the most appetizing view..Poor dogma (aka me) have to do the routine job of clearing the dish up…


  1. Hi there 🙂 I'm actually the owner's daughter of this restaurant. Thanks for your food review and critics. Will take note of it. Do let us know when you come again! Hehe will introduce you to much better variety of foods that we offer 🙂 Thanks!

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