Bruno’s Restaurant and Bar@Jaya33, PJ

watch Demona: Dogma and I decided for a luxurious lunch at Bruno’s, located on the ground floor left corner lot of Jaya33. The restaurant was posh looking, furnished with dark brown leather chairs and tables. It was undeniably cozy in there.

follow site Demona: Dogma did the sniffing on the menu. Demona: He ordered a roast lamb with radish ciabatta sandwich, served with salad and fries. RM 24.

source url Demona: The cherry tomato relish was an excellent spread to the meat. The relish was… amazing. When you first ate it, you would feel its sourness, then slightly spicy, then sweet finish! Amazing… amazing… if only I could steal some home.

source site

watch Demona: The lamb was also beautifully roasted. The meat was extremely tender, juicy, smuckers! I needn’t explain further, the colour of the meat told it all. Dogma and I eyed on the meat like hawks eye-ing their preys. Demona: We also ordered another sandwich, with Iberian ham. According the Bruno’s menu, the black Iberian pigs roam the oak forests of the Iberian peninsula, along the southern borders between Spain and Portugal. Upon slaughter, these pigs are strictly constrained to only acorn, to produce high quality Iberico pork.

male fertility drugs clomid and The information surely caught plenty attention from us. Even by reading the paragraph above again, surely re-lived the temptation.

Demona: The ham was salty, savoury, but 2 slices were a little bit too….. measly. To be honest, I could hardly taste it if I ate it along with the ciabatta and the parmesan cheese chunky shavings. The strong parmesan flavours had overpowered the iberico. The overexcited feelings that were bottled up in Dogma and I had quickly faded away.

Demona: We had immature, childish Papers-Rock-Scissors duel to decide on Tiramisu or Warm Banana with palm sugar, raisins and cream. From the picture, you could tell that I had lost the battle, and Dogma and his banana selection carried the victory banner.
However, the banana dessert did not win brownie points.

Demona: Strangely, the bananas were salty and the palm sugar was sweet alright, but it was definitely an acquired taste. Reminded me of petrol. The almond flakes and raisins were also so minimal, you can actually count them. Each portion came with 2 bananas, RM 15.

I hope that the waiter did not catch us with our private jokes.

Demona: RM 15? Can buy 1 “SIKAT” already!
Dogma : Yeah, you buy I’ll caramelize for you. Even throw in good quality vanilla ice
cream and will still be cheaper.
Demona: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… posh place, posh price.
Dogma : Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.. *Giggles*

Verdict: Put aside the dessert, to sum it all, we actually did enjoy our luxurious lunch very much. The roast lamb sandwich was definitely 5 thumbs up, the iberico ham portion was a bit too little, but the parmesan and nicely toasted buttered herbs ciabatta made up for its flaws. At least, it got us keen on coming here again to try out the Iberian pig meat. The prices were actually quite reasonable, considering its good quality food. Much better compared to many famous restaurants who are steeply priced for OK-so-so quality food. The dessert menu is limited, and after the banana experience I think we will probably keep the extra cash aside for other worthwhile treats…. like Oreo and MnMs MCFLURRY! Waffles with vanilla ice cream! Kinder Bueno! The list goes on…….

Bruno’s. Definitely won a return-for-round-2 pass from FoodVenturas.


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