Teh Candu@Restoran Asam Pedas, Kamunting

Demona: I am ashamed at myself, as a Taiping-ian.. for I never knew the existence of Teh Candu (Opium Tea without the real opium of course). Thinking that I found something new, I immediately called Dogma, excitedly telling him about this, only to be shot down by his giant rifle.

Dogma: “Teh Candu? I know. (GREAT, BIG YAWN)Everywhere also have.”
Demona: “SERIOUS? HOW COME I’ve not heard of it?”
Dogma: “Dunno you. They have Teh Candu Air-Cond too.”
Demona: “Teh Candu WHA-?”
Dogma: “Yeah. Air-Cond, means that the ice cubes are placed on the plate, surrounding the base of the cup.”
Demona: “………………..oh.”

(AIYOYO. I am dumb)

Demona: Cool way of serving milk tea. Milk on the bottom layer, tea on the top, finished with a fluffy foamy milk covering the cup, and a dash of milo powder in the middle of it.

Demona: Check out the up close pict of the separated layer. I wonder, is it because of the difference of the molecular weight of both substances that allows the layers to separate for a fairly long while?

Verdict: RM 1.50 for a hot cup of teh candu on a windy cloudy evening (See the coconut leaves helpless blown by the strong winds). BLISS. The tea was very sweet. One cup was more than enough for me. I will definitely try out the Teh Candu Air-Cond next time!

Oh yeah, one MAJORLY lousy thing about this Asam Pedas place was how ungodly filthy it was. Bits of leftover food was all over the place, flies buzzing around, stray cats lying around. I could not sit still. EEEKS!

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