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see url Dear Readers,

acquistare viagra online generico 50 mg a Torino Sorry for the 1 week absent of new posts. Few reasons were attributed to this lull. One: Demona has been busy baking in her hometown with no internet connection… stay tuned for her next posties on Homely Baked Delicacies!

get link Two: Chinese New Year is around the corner. Dogma is busy entertaining his customers and getting drunk while doing so. He shall post up some new posties once he managed to stand on his feet. Three: Homemade video seems to be latest trend nowadays. First we have Paris Hilton, then we have Choi Soi Lek and now Edison Chen tryst with Cecelia Chung, Bobo, Gillian etc.. The world is watching you. Hence Dogma and Demona are both busy sourcing for the latest high tech personal digital security system.

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