Magellan Sutera Harbour@Kota Kinabalu

dove acquistare viagra generico 100 mg a Verona I have heard so much about this place, and finally, my business trip gave me an opportunity to spend the weekend here. It was a short trip, extremely busy. Sad to say, I had no time at all to scout around the place on my own. I only realised that my room was nearby the gorgeous harbour, filled from little boats, to lovely yachts, when I had a quick swim at 6 am this morning (Mind you, the sun rises at 5.30 am and sets at 6 pm).

cialis generico prezzo piu basso I had a drink and a pie with my boss in a local cafe at KLIA, while waiting for the rest to arrive. I swore to finish every last drop of my drink and inch of the pastry, knowing my nescafe tarik cost RM 6.90 and the pie cost RM 9.90 (excluding the ++ taxes).

follow link Friday night at Sutera Harbour:

comprare viagra generico spedizione veloce a Bologna All the meals that we had were hotel buffet food (there were a total pax of 45 for this meeting). Thus, I was careful on my selection of food. When it comes to buffet, you have to manage your calories well. Do not waste them on the lousier dishes. Hence, the plate of smoked sashimis and smoked black pepper tuna.

watch I took some roast beef, fried fish with sweet and sour sauce, and some stir fried kailans as they looked appealing to me. Never judge a book by its cover. I only managed to finish up the fish. The beef was too chewy and the kailans were a little undercooked. Unfortunately, the pict of the sliced roast lamb with rosemary sauce went missing. This, was the BEST of all dishes served tonight. SLURPS!


go here Oh wait! I found the pict of the sliced roast lamb! Drooling.. Saturday at SH:

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My mind managed to control my motor functions to stop myself from indulging in those sinful pastries/cakes delights on Friday night. Sadly, my motor functions overpowered my “strong-willed” mind. Those pretty cakes will now hibernate with me in my tummy. This is a chocolate cake, with white chocolate swirls in the middle and on top of the smooth, sweet, creamy chocolate cream. This was the best of all cakes served for the night.

This was the baked cheese cake. Very delicious as well, not the best I’ve tasted though. The biscuit crust on the bottom was a little too salty for my liking. Finished this slice as well.

I have no idea what was the name of this cake, but from my tastebuds, I think it was a walnut cake with chocolate cream. This was bad. The cake was too dry. I left it aside after my first taste of it.

The seafood kebab and barbequed squid was good. Not oily at all, so it would not irritate your digestive system.

This was the lamb kebab, barbequed beef and sting ray wrapped in pandan leaf. The lamb and beef were overcooked! I could hardly chew them down. The barbeque man did an extremely bad job on the meat part. The sting ray, however, was good. Marinated with curry paste, you could not detect any fishy smell (showing it was fresh) and a spicy tangy curry paste blended well with its meat.

This was the apple crusted pie. YUCKed. Left it aside as well after my first tasting attempt.

Sunday at SH:

I have forgotten to snap photos of my breakfast meals. Sorry! But there was nothing to shout about on their breakfast meal servings. I only had toasted wholemeal bread with some salami for both mornings.
The BEST meal in this trip was our Sunday lunch buffet. SEAFOOD. Fresh, fresh, fresh seafood. I love sashimi. Thus, you could see them on my plate, AGAIN. The jelly fish salad next to the sashimi, was really crunchy and they added a really nice dressing to the jelly fish. And, the prawns…THE PRAWNSSSSSSS… They were the size of an average chipsmore cookie (HEAVEN). I had, probably about 6 to 7 prawns.

Check it out. The prawn meat was “oh so sweet!”

This was the fish cake. YUCKed. I only dug out the fish roe, and left the whole fish cake aside. Could barely taste any fish in it. Fully coated with flour.

This next pic (DROOLS), was good as well. The stuffed crab was, let’s put it, sincere. The crab meat tasted really strong. The slipper lobster dressed with mushroom sauce, was interesting as well. It tasted a little more oily compared to the prawn, but I liked it. (This was my FIRST time, eating lobster meat). The little bowl behind, was filled with mini octopus mixed with avocado and mango chopped bits. Hard to describe how it exactly tasted like. It was sweet, due to the mayonaise and mango, but the avocado neutralised it a little bit, plus a crunchy, chewy mini octopus texture.

Those were the pile of delicious grilled slipper lobsters!

Here were some non-food picts. Some views of Sutera Harbour’s beach. The lunch buffet was held next to this gorgeous view. What more can you have, a hearty meal, nice warm breeze blowing on your face and a scenic view to enjoy your food with.

This brownie like cake was the winner of all the cakes/pastries for today. I gobbled down two of them. It was chewy, and the chocolate was bittersweet. I want to learn how to make this one day.

This was a slice of tiramisu. YUCKed. I left it aside.

Some jelly with fruits on a nice glass. Looked really pretty and delicious. Yet again, never judge a book by its covers. YUCKed.

This was a slice of strawberry yogurt cake. YUCKed.

DROOLS. The rows and rows of prawn decorated on the salad bowls. I just realised there was a fly on one of the prawns after uploading the photographs. Gosh. I hope I won’t need to see much of my “throne” tonight.

Due to work, I had no time at all to venture around. However, Sutera Harbour is a really beautiful place. The room, however, was too expensive for me. If the company was not paying for my stay here, I would need to calculate my finances carefully before deciding to come and stay here. My room was RM 300-400 per night. I flew here via MAS airlines, costing me RM 998. The buffet meals were ALRIGHT, as this would probably be standard anywhere else either. Some dishes would be really good, some will hit the negative delicious scale.
Sutera Harbour? Definitely a place, for some quiet, peaceful romancing and sea activities.

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